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And yet Rory is called badass for standing up to the Doctor while Danny gets shat on by the fandom for doing the exact same thing.

this is Danny telling his personal experience and trying to make that experience useful to someone he cares about, which is a legitimate relationship thing.  NOT the same as controlling or abusive. he’s not even being rigid like not approving of her travels in the TARDIS.  he’s absolutely more flexible to the whole adventure thing than i expected anybody to be, and a lot more than past companions’ boyfriends had been.

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Can you trade a piece of clothing with each other in 5 seconds?


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online shopping gives me a reason to live for another 3-5 business days

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12 reminds me of 9 sometimes and i fcuking love it

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Favorite gif set forever

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When Bucky does finally get introduced to Tony, like “This is Tony Stark, Howard’s kid”, and he goes all sad and quiet, looks at the ground and admits that he killed his parents, I want Tony to just nonchalantly start listing off all of the things that Stark Industries weapons are responsible for, look him in the eye and tell him “we all make mistakes when there’s someone else calling the shots.”

That’s all. 

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i like to think that hogwarts has a really strong wi-fi signal, but like the stair cases, it keeps moving around. just muggleborns, chillin on their laptops all suddenly stand up together, dash madly to a different corner of the school, and sit down wordlessly like some kind of mind hive flock of pigeons while the purebloods are just so confused

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The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

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did y’all see this shit

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